Sustainable strategies for the improvement of seriously degraded agricultural areas: The example of Pistachia vera L

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Factors affecting the export demand for U.S. Pistachios

ABSTRACT: This study evaluates the U.S. role in world production and trade of pistachios and identifies major factors affecting export demand for U.S. pistachios. We incorporate 21 major markets accounting for 78 percent of total U.S. pistachio exports. The impacts of market conditions and the effects of food safety shocks are investigated. The results indicate U.S. pistachio producers should take advantage of their advanced technology and reputation for higher food safety stand-ards to enhance international market share. Necessary ingredients for a successful marketing strategy include compliance with marketing order regulations, improved food safety, and product diversification.

Publication details : International Food and Agribusiness Management Review Volume 15, Issue 3, 2012. The article can be found at the web page of the journal.

Z. Zheng, S. Saghaian, M. Reed
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