Sustainable strategies for the improvement of seriously degraded agricultural areas: The example of Pistachia vera L

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Central Management Monitoring System

Software prerequisites: Windows Server operating systems: 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 (x86/x64), IIS 8, .NET 4.5, SQLEXPRESS (2008 or above).

You may download the user guide for the system: User Guide (pdf 2.1MB)

User credentials needed for access are provided upon request. For any support inquiries or feedback you may contact the development team at info[@] using "SUPPORT" as subject title.

Central Management Monitoring Tool (CMMT)

CMMT system is a web app for the management and monitoring of cultivation fields using soil, water and compost parameters, integrated within a Geographical Information System (GIS).


Field and measurement data management

Manage chemical analysis measurements for soil, irrigation water, compost and other organic additives.


Field monitoring, measurement spatial analysis and visualization

Temporal monitoring of field measurement data. Evaluate data results through comprehensive charts.

Evaluate measurement results on a spatial scale analysis. Visualization of data results on a map.