Sustainable strategies for the improvement of seriously degraded agricultural areas: The example of Pistachia vera L

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7th Newsletter: January - August 2016

The 7th project Newsletter is available for downloading.

The Newsletter covers the period between January and August 2016.

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  • The three pilot fields in Greece
  • Management of pistachio waste at field level
  • Composting pistachio waste-Step by Step
  • Risk assessment of groundwater vulnerability to contamination in Aegina island
  • AgroStrat with Farmers
  • Publications-Participation in conferences

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6th LIFE AgroStrat Newsletter, Apr-Dec 2015

Dear Colleagues,

The 6th Newsletter of AgroStrat is available on-line.
Download the newsletter and stay informed on the latest project's news and results!

The 1st Mediterranean Workshop of Agrostrat will take place in Cyprus on 25 June 2016.

The workshop is hosted by the CYPRUS 2016-4th International Conference on sustainable solid waste management.
Conference web site :

Download the latest version of the Cultivation Management Software

On behalf of Agrostrat scientific teams

Demo version of the Cultivation Management Software is available for download

Dear colleagues and friends of Agrostrat,
The demo of the Cultivation Management Software is available for download.
The demo provides detailed evaluation of soil, water and compost quality by inserting chemical analyses and can be downloaded for free.

We would highly appreciate your feedback by filling out the respective software evaluation questionnaire,
to help us improve future versions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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